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Our Responsibilities to our Appointees

Once we have successfully been appointed as appointee by the DWP, ILBP Provider will act on the client’s behalf to:

  • Open an individual bank account for benefits to be paid into and payments to be made out from.
  • Ensure that all entitled benefits are claimed and maximised.
  • Work with the DWP to ensure all benefit services are updated with information required including change in circumstances.
  • Create a financial budget plan to ensure all needs and goals are met on an individual basis,
  • Arrange and set up payments for any utilities, rent, debts etc…
  • Payment of personal monies either to a client’s personal bank account or to their Insight card.
  • Payment of care home fees contribution where required.
  • Payment of fees towards the cost of support/care in the community where required.
  • Ensure we liaise with family, support providers and other professionals to meet the clients’ best interests.
  • Safeguard the individual and money at all times

For Families:

If you have a family member who is struggling to manage their finances, you may feel overwhelmed and unsure of how to help. At ILBP Provider, we understand the challenges that families face when it comes to appointeeships and deputyships. Our team of experienced professionals can help manage your loved one's financial affairs and provide peace of mind for you and your family.

For Care Workers/Providers:

As a care worker or provider, you know that your clients' financial needs can be complex and require specialised support. At ILBP Provider, we work closely with care providers to ensure that your clients receive the financial support they need to live independently and with dignity. Our team can provide expert guidance on appointeeships and deputyships, and work collaboratively with care providers to create a comprehensive financial plan that meets the unique needs of each client.

For Social Workers:

As a social worker, you may work with individuals who are unable to manage their own financial affairs. At ILBP Provider, we provide appointee and deputyship services to ensure that vulnerable individuals receive the financial support they need. Our team of experienced professionals can help navigate the complex appointeeship process, and work closely with social workers to ensure that clients receive comprehensive financial support that meets their unique needs. We're committed to providing compassionate, personalised care to our clients and their families, and are here to support social workers in providing the best possible care to their clients.

At ILBP Provider, we take a unique approach to appointeeships that sets us apart from other providers.

Our commitment to communication and transparency is rooted in our belief that open and honest communication is essential when it comes to managing finances, as it helps to build trust and ensure that everyone involved in the appointeeship process is well-informed and working towards the same goals.

Our team of experienced professionals has a deep understanding of appointeeships, and the complexities involved, and we work closely with our clients and their families to provide personalised support that meets their unique needs.

Additionally, we offer our Insight app to care providers, which gives them greater control over their clients' financial affairs and simplifies the process of managing finances. Our slogan, "Where finance meets care," reflects our dedication to providing comprehensive financial support that meets the unique needs of everyone we serve. At ILBP Provider, we're not just another financial management service – we're your partners in care.

ILBP Provider will review and audit on a regular basis.

A referral can be made to our appointee service by clicking on this link.

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Cost Structure

Service Type Weekly Fee One-Time Set-up Fee One-Time Closing Fee
Client in Residential Setting £10 £100 £364
Client in the Community £15 £150 £364
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