What is a corporate appointee?
A corporate appointee is a recognised organisation that is approved by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) to manage a person’s benefits.
What is the responsibilities of an appointee?
An appointee is responsible for making and maintaining benefit claims on behalf the individual. They have a responsibility to make sure the money is spent in the client’s best interest.
What is the difference between a deputyship and an appointeeship?
A deputy is more appropriate to manage the affairs of someone that has additional sources of income other than benefits such as investments, pensions, or property. A deputyship also allows deputies to access private bank accounts in cases where individuals no longer have the capacity to do this themselves.
How can a referral be made for an appointeeship?
A referral to ILBP Provider Ltd can be made by completing our referral form following this link.
How long does the process take to set up an appointeeship?
Once ILBP Provider have received the referral, the benefits can take up to 6 weeks to be transferred to ILBP Provider. If the quality of the referral received is of the required standard, outgoings are then set up straight away.
Can care providers transfer over appointees to us?
ILBP Provider Ltd have worked successfully with other care providers/councils to transfer appointeeships to ourselves smoothly via bulk transfers. If any providers would like to discuss moving over any appointeeships then, please don’t hesitate to contact us!
What happens when a person dies?
When the client dies, ILBP Provider’s authority to manage their finances ends. Please see our death procedure in our Contact Us page.
How do I relinquish an appointeeship?
If the client has capacity and decides to manage their own benefits, then we would write to the DWP to relinquish our role and the new appointee would apply. If the client does not have capacity, then we would require a MCA and a best interest decision from a social worker/safeguarding team.
What is an ‘Insight’ card?
Insight is ILBP Provider’s personal money expenditure system created in partnership with SOLDO. Insight allows social workers, care providers and in some instances family members to be able to monitor vulnerable individuals’ expenditure clearly. Some benefits of the Insight programme are same day money requests in case of emergencies, auditing system for care providers included and safety measures such as controls for non-gambling purchases. Please note the Insight programme is free.
How are we funded?
In some local authorities, appointeeships are funded by the local authority using a DRE (disability related expenditure) within the care charge. The cost of ILBP Provider’s appointeeship service is deducted from the individuals care charge.
How often can personal monies be paid?
Personal money can be paid in a way that best suits an individual needs. ILBP Provider offers a bespoke service which caters directly to its client’s needs.
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