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ILBP Provider takes pride in introducing an innovative and user-friendly feature called Insight, which is included as a standard offering with every appointeeship or deputyship which uses our pre-paid card. Insight revolutionises the way clients, care providers, and social workers interact and stay informed about financial matters. Available as a mobile app or desktop platform, Insight consolidates live balances, transaction history, and safety controls into one comprehensive platform regarding client’s personal weekly spending money.

One of the key benefits of Insight is its ability to facilitate the ordering of pre-paid cards for clients who may lack proper identification, a common occurrence among vulnerable individuals. This feature ensures that clients have access to essential financial resources without unnecessary barriers. Moreover, Insight grants care staff, social workers, and clients themselves the ability to view all transactions conducted using the client's pre-paid card. This level of transparency promotes accountability and safeguards vulnerable clients, while empowering them to have greater control and independence over their personal finances.

Insight's functionalities extend beyond transaction tracking. The platform enables same-day payments, streamlining the process and providing flexibility for timely financial transactions. Furthermore, Insight enhances transparency by allowing support staff to access comprehensive transaction data, enabling them to monitor and safeguard the financial well-being of their clients more effectively.

Teaching client’s financial independence is a core focus of ILBP Provider, and Insight plays a vital role in achieving this objective. By providing clients with access to the app or desktop platform, they can actively engage with their personal finances, monitor transactions, and gain valuable insights into their spending habits. This interactive approach promotes financial literacy and empowers clients to take charge of their money management.

Insight has also proven invaluable for care providers by offering comprehensive audit capabilities. Receipts and invoices can be easily uploaded and stored within the platform, streamlining administrative processes, and ensuring that all financial documentation is securely organised. This centralised approach reduces paperwork, saves time, and simplifies record-keeping for care providers.

Tailoring support to the unique needs of each client is paramount at ILBP Provider, and Insight facilitates this personalisation. The platform allows support staff to customise the spending parameters of each client's pre-paid card. For instance, certain purchases, such as gambling or online transactions, can be restricted as necessary to align with individual requirements. This flexibility ensures that the financial resources allocated to clients are utilised in a manner that promotes their well-being and aligns with their specific needs.

In summary, Insight is a game-changing feature offered by ILBP Provider that enhances the appointeeship and deputyship experience for clients, care providers, and social workers. With its intuitive inter-face, real-time transaction tracking, same-day payments, financial independence support, audit capabilities, and personalised spending controls, Insight redefines how financial information is accessed, managed, and utilized. ILBP Provider remains committed to leveraging technology to empower clients and enhance the financial management process, ultimately promoting the well-being and autonomy of vulnerable individuals.

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